November 15, 2018
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Dear Voice Talent,

I want to believe you are at home right now, as at today April 8, 2020 when the world seems to be at a standstill, waiting anxiously for a breakthrough in medicine, technology and research for a cure and vaccine for the new corona virus.

This has made all of us stay at home right?

It is now more real than ever that the future belongs to virtual jobs because even after this pandemic passes, the world won’t be the same again at all sectors.

Well, congratulations!

Not for the pandemic, of course, but that you already have one of the jobs that physical communication cannot bar.

One regret that I have though, was that I joked too much about my home studio. I really delayed some adjustment, repairs and decisions that would have made this long holiday extra smooth. Nevertheless, I still make do with what I have. Hope you will too.

Meanwhile, let’s go straight into today’s gist.

So. do you remember all those vocal workouts, content creation, calls, researches etc that you kept postponing and blaming on time? ‘no time’, ‘no time’, you said.

Guess what?

You’ve got nothing but time now.

Hahaha, funny right?

We are in the same boat, sort of. I had been postponing some of my content and even this website update. But I had to tell myself, ‘Ife, if you don’t do it now, then it means either you are not serious about it or you are damn right lazy’, and none of that will bring a good result. So I pulled my system closer and started on the long pile of work.

The excuse of a 9-5 job, event, family gathering etc does not hold now. The future is no doubt virtual, you either get in on the train or chill out…hey, did I sound stiff? Well, let’s just call it what it is for once, right?

If you have ever really had this voice over thing in mind genuinely from the start, then here are some suggestions on what to use this season for.


There are no general rules about voice warm ups and exercises, pick out the ones effective for your voice needs or do general ones to support your voice.- i.e. grind for breath support, articulation and range. Keep in mind that consistency is more important than duration.

If you don’t know what to do, send me a mail, I could help. Better still, check in on your own coach in this journey . I am really trying hard to not say, ‘surf for it online’ and that’s because you will be faced with so many, that it could be overwhelming. Besides, not all exercises are necessary for your voice, it depends on what you need to achieve per time.

But like I said earlier, you may just stick to the general ones so as not to derail.



My voice over mentor would say, ‘content is key in brand formation’.

And that is true. Voice over is not just about the voice, it is a business and you need to be business savvy for you to get it. Develop an audience for your services or products and engage with potential clients regularly. All the ideas you have had, it is time to put them out. Do something about it. You want to build a mail list? Create a regular video? Graphic content? Write? Just do it!

The best way is to take a step about it today. Do something NOW!

I actually mean right now. Like, stop reading and go do something, perform an action to strengthen your resolve before you come back to the rest of my ‘stori-stori’.



This is like a quick follow up step to the last one. You might have had it in the corner of your mind to do something about setting yourself apart in your unique lane as a professional voice talent, if you are yet to do something about that, this is also a good time.

I remember when I got my website up and running. It wasn’t as if I had the money or knew about websites anyway. All I knew was that I wanted one and I envisaged how I wanted it to be, how many pages, what I wanted to be on each page, I even composed the write ups. It didn’t materialize until about a year after that. But when the opportunity came, it was so sudden, that had it not been that I had the content down, the opportunity would pass.  That’s another story for another day. And was it that very first draft that I stuck with? No, I made adjustments here and there along the way, and it is not perfect. But hey! It’s a journey, better tools will be found along the way.


So what is your idea for personal branding? For corporate branding? What will your logo look like? What colours?  What are your marketing strategies? Does your profile online reflect your strengths? Etc



Yes, you have time to practise now, plenty of it.

Dig up scripts.

Work on your delivery, articulation, breath control and so on.

Send your works to a coach or professional colleagues to criticize constructively. That’s how we learn.

You could also gain knowledge, with practice, on additional skills that have been winking at you- scriptwriting, singing, editing, translation, transcribing etc.

One more thing, read, study more about this craft. It puts you at an advantage.



Lastly, audition!

It is interesting to know that despite all that is going on, there is still need for voice over. Have you listened to various awareness campaign about the covid-19? Each brand trying to outdo others (lol) they use voice overs, right? It is a season for audiobooks, e-learning programmes, narration, documentary, video sales and so on. And who is going to do all that?



That is, if you are rightly positioned.

Submit your demos to voice over sites. Keep showing up for opportunities. Join online voice over communities.


Opportunities usually reward preparations.

So long a letter let me take a break for now.

By the time this is all over, you would have not only built a voice over enterprise but become more professional as well as enabled another stream of income.

Meanwhile, I am no motivational speaker. I am guilty of been laid back as well, and this piece, is one of my acts to prove that this can work , I hope you will do something about your journey as well.

I wish you continual success in this voice over journey.

We succeed together.


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